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LAN Network Manager

A LAN manager, also known as a local network manager, is a professional who is in charge of a company’s internal computer network. LAN managers have various responsibilities, such as designing, setting up and managing a network.
rishikanna 25.08.2020 saat 16:31
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    The LAN Manager must ensure that all the Local Area Networks are working without any issues. The manager is responsible for fixing networking problems and guide the employees on how to use the network. It is the LAN Manager who is in charge of providing access to the network whenever required. They also take care of the network’s security and ensures no outside forces tap into the network.

    As part of their job role, LAN Manager will also manage the team of network technicians. Sometimes, they may also take up the task of the IT guy and look into the internet and computer issues as well. They play an active role in downloading and installing networks and programs that may come handy to the organization.
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